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The color purple, which is often associated with lavender, is considered a spiritual color that represents intuition.

The color is also associated with the crown chakra, which is the energy center associated with higher purpose and spiritual connectivity. Fast forward a few centuries, and in the 1920s, violets were still drawing together members of the lesbian community, who gifted the delicate flowers as an expression of sapphic interest.

For centuries, many a culture have taken the opportunity to use this herb of tranquility to invite soothing, peaceful energies and usher in a cleansing air.

The Latin word lavare means to wash, so it is believed that the name lavender or lavandula comes from this word.

Its associated with the crown chakra, representing higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. . .

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This color does not only mean calmness and serenity but also of. In Christianity, like lily flower meaning, lavender is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary because it represents purity and virtue. Lilac, for example, stands for pride.

. The color purple is a symbol of royalty in and of itself.


Spiritual Meanings of Lavender.

3. I have finally found my lavender What that means to me is,my lavender clicked with me as soon as we met each other, that even in my horrible moments she is still by my side, that we can be genuine with each other, when people are draining me she is my breathe of air from.

. If you smell orange blossoms, you might be meeting the love of your life very soon.

Lavenders are also known as sacred flowers, which are perfect to represent blessings and wishes to the married couple.
Plants, flowers, and food were used as a dye source, a food source, and a healing medium.

The Hebrew meaning of lavender is the flower that was used as an offering in the Jerusalem temple.

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Lavender flowers played a crucial part in ancient Greece, too. Sara says January 21, 2019 at 947 am. Its aroma is seen as having a calming effect, enhancing feelings of serenity and calmness.

lav&183; en&183; der la-vn-dr. Its no wonder then. Lavender symbolizes luxury as well. . 1.

Positive traits elegance, femininity, and relaxation.

For others, lavenders symbolize good luck and trust. We will first explain the meaning of the word lavender.



Its aroma is seen as having a calming effect, enhancing feelings of serenity and calmness.


The color lavenders meaning is intrinsically linked to the origins of its name the flowering herb that hails from the Mediterranean region.