Australia 50 Cents KM 68 1974.


Value 2 - 3. Some of the more famous Australian 50 cent coins include the 1966 penny, the 1989 two dollar coin, and the 1996 five dollar coin.


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What would have the appearance of an ordinary, common coin was anything but that it was. In a new video, TikTok user TheHistoryOfMoney pointed out how an easy-to-miss feature on the 2000 Millennium 50 cent piece could be worth as much as 800. 1998 Australian Fifty Cent Silver Coin from Masterpieces in Silver.

3 million 5c coins were minted in 1972, well below the number normally minted (ranging from 25.

00. Includes the round silver 50 cent from 1966. Designed and sculpted by Vladimir Gottwald, this circulating commemorative fifty cents coin marks the 200th anniversary of the voyage of Bass and Flinders.

Price AU 4,000. 00.

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Why two cent coins are being hunted by collectors.

It is equal in size and shape to the Cook Island 5 coin,. This is for a coin.

Fifty Cents 1977 Silver Jubilee. Value depends on the quality - so if they are really high quality, then theyre going to be very valuable and worth 4,000 or 5,000.

5500g Diameter 31.



. On the proof version, the flag is pad-printed onto the coin in color, while the circulation issue. .

Condition--not specified. rare australian 50 cent coins. . Sold Out. Centenary of Federation 2001 Uncirculated Six Coin Set - incl.

This circulating coin was produced by the RAM to.

Feb 26, 2021 One of the most popular varieties appears on a 50 cent piece from the year 2000. 00.

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5 mm diameter with plain edge) featuring on the obverse a diademed bust of Elizabeth II right; around, ELIZABETH II AUSTRALIA 1983 The reverse is based on the arms of the Commonwealth of Australia, as authorised by Royal Warrant 19 September 1912 - composed of a shield divided into six.

Price AU 4,000.

The coin was issued to celebrate the passing of the millennium and features on the reverse a stylised Australian flag, the word Millennium, and the denomination.